How much does it cost?

Membership is FREE and as a member you are under no obligation purchase any products. Any orders you place can be cancelled as soon as we publish price and supplier details.

How do we cover our costs?

We are supplying a service to suppliers that brings them customers and makes it incredibly easy to communicate with them. We are also helping them with customer support. For that we are charging suppliers 0.5p per litre commission.

How does it work?

  • Based on an assessment of local demand, products will be posted on this site at regular intervals. Each product will have an associated buying date.
  • Members are able to click products available, and submit their order.
  • At this stage, in most cases, their order will not be priced as we have to negotiate price based on the size of the consolidated order.
  • When the buying date is reached, the buying group coordinator will approach appropriate suppliers to negotiate the best deal.
  • Members will then be notified via this site and email newsletter as to price, delivery time and supplier.
  • At this stage members are able, for a limited period to cancel their order if they are unhappy with the price or supplier.
  • The consolidated order, together with member's address details (excluding email address) is then passed over to the selected supplier.
  • The supplier will then inform us as to how payment will be made. In most cases the supplier will expect members to phone their order office to pay over the phone. In some cases the supplier will phone the members directly to organise payment, or deliver first and invoice after.
  • Members will be made fully aware via this site as to how payment is to be collected.

How will I pay for my order?

This will depend on the supplier and product. Normally, you will be expected to telephone the supplier to provide payment details. By doing that your order will be confirmed. We will notify you on the website of supplier contact details as soon as the supplier is chosen.

If however you are already a customer of the supplier that is selected, there is a good chance that they deliver without prior payment, in which case you will receive an invoice and be expected to pay promptly.

Some suppliers are happy to deliver first and invoice later.

Who will supply our oil?

Whilst in the early days of the group, the door was open to any supplier that offered the best price, we realised that that process came with attendant risks, one of which was short deliveries! We are now focusing on working with a few reliable and trustworthy suppliers, who are able to plan their buying in the knowledge that they will receive regular orders from the group. This helps to keep prices low.

I'm running low! When can I expect my order?

The only way we get good prices is by allowing full loads to deliver to very local areas.

We ask that you do not place an order unless you have at least 10 working days supply in your tank.

If you are really low, you must consider finding an alternative supplier.

When will I know the price?

Not until the bulk group order is placed on, or near the buying date for the particular product.

The coordinator will call several suppliers (he wants the best price too).

As soon as the price is agreed, it will be published on the home page of this web site so you can decide if you wish to proceed with the order.

If you don't want to continue with your order, simply cancel using "My pending orders" on the top menu, and clicking the cancel button.

Although our system is programmed to send emails to all members, we cannot guarantee that you will receive it, so we ask you to please check the home page of the web site regularly on the day when we are choosing price and supplier.

What if I urgently need oil?

Sadly, we cannot treat any order as urgent. To get the best price, you cannot expect fast delivery.

The only exception to this is if there is an urgent option when you place your order, but this will come at a higher price.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by clicking My Orders on the top menu. You can then click the cancel button against the product you wish to cancel.

If you are cancelling an order because we have informed you of the price and supplier, we ask that you do so no later than the 6.00 pm on the day after we have published the price and supplier details

Failure to do this risks the supplier attempting to deliver the order to you.

Once submitted, can I change my order?

No, but you can cancel your order by clicking My Orders on the top menu. You can then click the cancel button against the product you wish to cancel.
As soon as you have cancelled an order, you can create a new order should you wish.

If once the price and supplier are known, you wish to cancel an order, we ask that you do within 24hours of the publication of price and supplier. Failure to do so, may mean that a supplier will attempt to deliver your oil without any further notification.

Can they top up my tank, or do I have to specify an amount?

Initially, you need to specify an amount in order that we can add your order to the total members' order to negotiate a good price. However, when you submit your order, there is a box marked "order comments", and this is here where you can request that the driver fills your tank.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee that they will be able to fill your tank, as it depends on similar demands from members who are before you on the list of deliveries for that day. They should however deliver the amount you request on your order.

Does the Group Coordinator disclaim liability?


The coordinator will only act as the member’s agent in submitting the order. We simply collect your orders, consolidate them and forward them to the chosen supplier on the buying date.

The coordinator does not accept liability for any loss or damage you may suffer through being a member of the scheme.